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Cruz-Martín Lab

Boston Massachusetts


Sabatini Lab, Harvard Medical School

Research Assistant

Elena Newmark 2017-2018

Lux Research, Consultant

Thanh Nguyen 2016-2018

Harvey Lab, Harvard Medical School

Research Assistant

Roberto Barroso-Luque 2016-2017

Erelle Fuchs 2016-2018

Imperial College London

MRes in Experimental Neuroscience

Jungjoon Lee 2017-2018

Stevens Lab, Harvard Medical School 

Research Assistant

Carly Rose Willing 2017-2018

Boston University, The Master of Science Program 

in Biomedical Engineering

Eric Tam 2016-2017

Summer Research Assistant

Universidade Católica de Petrópolis

Luisa Miguez Monteiro de Paula

Boston University, Sargent College 

Research Assistant

Sherry Yan 2016-2017

Hebrew Senior Life/Harvard Medical

Research Assistant

Penelope Reichenhall 2015-2016

Kevin Liu   2017-2019

Zhanonan Liu  2018-2019

Undergraduate, Boston University

SaraAnn Rosenthal   2017-2019

Technical Research Assistant, McLean Hospital

Haley Fawcett   2017-2018

Undergraduate, Boston University

Miguel Lopez  2017-2018

Undergraduate, Boston University

Chloe Ketchmark  2018-2019

Alexander Chung   Summers 2019

Cornell University