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Cruz-Martín Lab

Boston Massachusetts


Tushare Jinadasa

Tushare Jinadasa, a postdoctoral research fellow in Alberto’s laboratory, received his PhD in Physiology from McGill University studying neuron firing in relation to pH regulation during metabolic shifts associated with ischemia. He then spent time working as a microscopy specialist at McGill University’s Advanced BioImaging Facility and then moved to the CERVO Brain Research Centre in Quebec City where he continued to study the impact of pH, examining its compartmentalization and impact on synaptic plasticity. In the Cruz-Martín laboratory, he is taking a vertical approach to studying the physiology and pathophysiology of cortex. A portion of his research uses optical tools to elucidate social and cognitive circuitry of the cingulate cortex. The remainder of his work focuses on the connectivity, behavioral and functional changes of the prefrontal cortex in association with schizophrenia. These projects use advanced, in vivo, imaging techniques but also leverage biochemical techniques to examine cellular and molecular mechanisms. As a member of Boston University Neurophotonics Center, Tushare is involved with training and teaching; lecturing on the topic of fluorescent indicators as tools in neuroscience.